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CSR year 2014
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CSR year 2014
Support of the Wagon of Love through a charity bazaar
Support of the Wagon of Love through a charity bazaar
The staff of CySEC, voluntarily participated in a charity bazaar, organized on the weekend 13 and 14 of December, as part of a Christmas event on Stasikratous street in order to enhance the work of the charity organisation, the "Wagon of Love", operated solely by volunteers to provide financial, material and moral support to families in need. Volunteers of CySEC offered various creations made with care, such as homemade pastries, handmade jewellery, paintings, Christmas ornaments and other handicrafts. All proceeds were donated to the ‘Wagon of Love’.
29 December 2014
Campaign for the collection and distribution of basic needs' items
Campaign for the collection and distribution of basic needs' items
During the first week of December, as part of the Volunteer Week, the staff of CySEC organized a clothing collection campaign and collected basic needs' items to help those in need. The items gathered were made available through the Cyprus Red Cross, to meet the needs of 345 refugees, including 52 children, who had come to Cyprus from Syria and who were accommodated in Kokkinotrimithia. The other items were given to a private children's shelter, the "House of Hope" created by the organization "Hope for Children" UNCRC Policy Centre (HFC) with the approval, financing and close cooperation of the Social Welfare Services and the European Refugee Fund. This children's shelter operates for unaccompanied minors, aged from 5 years to 18 years old who have been abused and provides daily care and psychosocial and legal support to minors by specialized personnel to assist in their integration, rehabilitation and finding viable solutions for children.
22 December 2014
Health and Safety Seminars
Health and Safety Seminars
In November, a series of seminars in health and safety issues was held for the staff, which were part of the continuous training and education of the staff in Health and Safety issues. The issues included: (a) general guidance to staff for immediate action in various incidents in the workplace, (b) how to act in various situations, for example in case of fire, earthquake, squats etc. and (c) First Aid. Furthermore, ergonomic movements have been demonstrated to the staff that assists in the avoidance of musculoskeletal disorders and other chronic problems from incorrect everyday movements at work. In addition to that, a fire drill exercise and other simulation exercises took place.
02 December 2014
Donations of computers
Donations of computers
Within the year, CySEC donated 3 portable computers to Chryseleousa Primary School, to equip the computer lab of the school.
28 November 2014
The CySEC recycles many of the materials it uses, such as paper, plastic and batteries, in order to contribute to the saving of energy and raw materials and to the reduction in the volume of garbage and their effect on the environment. For that purpose, it has special recycle bins in different locations within and out of the CySEC building to recycle the scrap paper. Furthermore, with the implementation of the modern system of Central Archive and document management the paper volume consumed has decreased significantly. The CySEC participates in the packaging recycling program Green Dot Cyprus and recycles batteries, cartridges, printers and other materials containing substances harmful to human health and the environment. By collecting and recycling of these materials, the penetration of the substances in the environment is prevented and energy and natural resources are saved.
27 October 2014
Treatment of cats
Treatment of cats
Within the year, at the underground parking of CySEC, there were cats in poor health. Members of CySEC staff, at their free time, ensured their safe transfer to the vet, their treatment and their subsequent adoption
22 September 2014
Collection of plastic caps for re-cycle and support of the Antirheumatic Foundation of Cyprus
Collection of plastic caps for re-cycle and support of the Antirheumatic Foundation of Cyprus
Starting in 2013 and continuing in 2014, the members of CySEC staff support, willingly, the effort of the Antirheumatic Foundation of Cyprus with the collection of plastic caps, which are given to a recycle company. This company undertakes the responsibility to purchase aids/tools (such as food and serving aids, clothing and marching aids and bath aids) to improve the daily quality of life of the persons with rheumatic diseases. Through the relevant action, the awareness and encouragement of the staff for recycle is achieved, while, at the same time, the information about the importance of the rheumatic diseases, the prevention, the timely diagnosis and the treatment of these diseases is promoted.
18 September 2014
Protection of the environment and save of energy
Protection of the environment and save of energy
The CySEC management gave special attention to the establishment of an energy saving policy and so this year continued the informative campaign to the staff. Specifically, information material was disseminated and smart videos and images were forwarded to the staff in an enjoyable way of carrying the message that saving energy and protecting the environment improves the quality of life and our daily lives.
02 September 2014
Head Shave Challenge Day
Head Shave Challenge Day
On May 29, the staff of CySEC participated in the Head Shave Challenge Day 2014 organized by the Karaiskakio Foundation, sponsoring one of their colleagues to get a haircut or shave. All proceeds of the event were given for the financial support of the Karaiskakio foundation on its action for people with leukaemia. Beyond financial support, the purpose of the event was that all the hair, beard, etc. collected be used to produce wigs with natural hair for cancer patients.
13 June 2014
Blood donation
Blood donation
On May 16th, the CySEC conducted a volunteer blood donation, in order to respond to the increased requirement of the medical centres during the summer period, when there are less available volunteers due to the summer vacations.
28 May 2014
UNICEF pencils
UNICEF pencils
On April 30, an officer of CySEC, at its own initiative proceeded in the sale of UNICEF pencils, of the United Nations organization for children, within and out of CySEC to assist selflessly in the organisation's objective, which is to support the children and women in the areas of health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation in 162 countries worldwide.
20 May 2014
Cleaning campaign «Let’s Do It Cyprus»
Cleaning campaign «Let’s Do It Cyprus»
On April 6, a group of Officers of CySEC participated, with a lot of enthusiasm, in the second nationwide cleaning campaign «Let's Do It Cyprus», which was part of the global campaign cleaning «Let's do it World! » Whose aim was to clean the garbage from the areas of nature of the world. The volunteers' team of CySEC cleaned the Athalassa Park in Latsia.
28 April 2014
Packing of food with the Red Cross for poor students
Packing of food with the Red Cross for poor students
On April 2, Officers of the CySEC participated in their spare time in the packaging of food and cleaning items in boxes for 1,500 pupils in need. The aim was to assist in the alleviation of the problem identified in various schools in the district of Nicosia in students who were unable to purchase basic necessities such as food and cleaning materials.
22 April 2014
Public debate on Corporate Social Responsibility
Public debate on Corporate Social Responsibility
On February 3rd an Officer of CySEC participated in the Public Dialogue on Corporate Social Responsibility organized by CYTA under the auspices of the Minister of Finance and the participation of the President of the Network for Reform in Greece and Europe, Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou. The title of dialogue was "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of Economic Crisis: Replacing or Quitting?", which aimed to the search for the quality elements of CSR, even in conditions of economic crisis, as well as support for redesign of CSR policy, avoiding the mistakes of the past.
27 February 2014
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