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RSS Service
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RSS Service
RSS Service
The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under its constant effort to upgrade the digital services using advanced technology, informs the interested parties of the launching of the new RSS service. The RSS service enables all the interested parties to be informed automatically and instantly about most of major updates within the Site.

The RSS service is provided to the users who are subscribed to the appropriate service. The RSS service provides information about publications, legal framework, regulated entities and other important updates and are sent automatically to the subscriber via the Internet.

The use of this service requires the use of special 'Reader’ application, which is incorporated in the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook, Smartphones, etc. To subscribe to this service, use the link(s) shown below and add them into your RSS 'Reader’ application used by your PC or mobile. The 'Reader’ application checks regularly for updates of the RSS feed and transfers them to the computer / smartphone of the user.

RSS feeds are supported by a variety of applications for computers and Smartphones (iPhone, Android phones). Some of these, among others, are the web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Outlook.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to register the RSS service using Outlook.
Latest Public Information posted to the website
Instructions for Outlook

In Outlook right-click on the RSS Feeds folder on the left and select Add a New RSS Feed from the popup menu.

Go back to your browser and go to Copy the URL of the RSS Feed you want to subscribe to i.e . Paste the URL into the edit box on the New RSS Feed dialog box and click Add.

You can either click Yes to add the subscription or click on the Advanced button to fine tune your subscription.

If you click on the advanced button the RSS Feed Options dialog box displays. Change whatever options you want to change and click OK.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission RSS feed is now listed under the RSS Feeds folder on the left. Click on it to update it and display the content.

The articles from the RSS feed are displayed in the middle pane. Click on an article to display it in the right pane.


When you select an RSS feed, the RSS section of the Home tab is available with additional options. You can Download Content for currently selected article, such as attachments, enclosures, or the full content. Click Share This Feed to send a link to the selected RSS feed to someone else via email. You can also read the selected article in the RSS feed in your default browser using the View Article option or by clicking the View Article… link in the middle pane.

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