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CSR year 2013
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CSR year 2013
Christmas charity bazaar
Christmas charity bazaar
The CySEC staff participated in a charity bazaar, which was organised on the Weekend 14-15 of December 2013 in the context of the Christmas Event «Sparkling Stasicratous», which aimed to enhance the work of the Cyprus Anticancer Society.
30 December 2013
The CySEC recycles many materials used, such as paper, plastic and batteries, in order to contribute to the saving of energy and raw materials and to the reduction in the volume of garbage and their effect on the environment. For that purpose, it has special recycle bins in different locations within and out of the CySEC building.
30 December 2013
Collection of plastic caps for re-cycle and support of the Antirheumatic Foundation of Cyprus
Collection of plastic caps for re-cycle and support of the Antirheumatic Foundation of Cyprus
In these difficult financial conditions experienced by our country, every possible contribution, even the smallest one, is important. Therefore, in 2013, the CySEC supported the effort of the Antirheumatic Foundation of Cyprus with the collection of plastic caps, which are given to a re-cycle company, which undertakes the responsibility to purchase aids/tools (such as food and serving aids, clothing and marching aids and bath aids) to improve the daily quality of life of the persons with rheumatic diseases.
20 December 2013
Health and Safety Seminars
Health and Safety Seminars
In October of 2013, a series of seminars to the staff, which form part of the continuous update and training of the staff in Health and Safety issues, has taken place. The subjects dealt with included (a) general guidance to the staff for the immediate responses to various incidences concerning the work space, (b) how we act in various cases, for example, in case of fire, league of fuel or water, earthquake, occupations etc., and (c) First Aid, basic principles for events or incidents that usually take place, after the risk assessment conducted at the work place. Furthermore, ergonomic movements have been shown to the staff, in order to avoid muscular diseases and other long standing problems caused by bad moves at work.
01 November 2013
Staff awareness
Staff awareness
Special importance had been given by the management of CySEC, to the establishment of an energy saving policy. Therefore, in 2013, a campaign to inform the employees began. With the aim of promoting the energy consciousness to the staff, the CySEC has issued a circular on the 22nd of July 2013, providing useful advice in relation to the saving of electric power at home and at the work place. At the same time, informative material and smart clips and pictures have been promoted to the staff, which carry, in a pleasant way, the message that saving energy and the protection of the environment improves the quality of our life and our daily routine.
30 July 2013
Blood donation
Blood donation
On the 11th of July 2013, the CySEC conducted volunteer blood donation, in order to respond to the increased requirement of the Medical Centres during the summer period, when there are less available volunteers due to the summer vacations.
18 July 2013
Donations of furniture and electronic appliances
Donations of furniture and electronic appliances
Within the process of moving to a new building in April 2013, the CySEC gave to charity furniture and electric appliances, after suggestions of the members of the staff. Specifically, 6 computers have been given to the Chryseleousas Primary School, to equip the computer lab of the school. Furthermore, 4 water dispensers and 10 ventilators have been given to charity foundations and furniture to poor families. Να σημειωθεί ότι στις προσφορές που προκηρύσσει η ΕΚΚ υπάρχουν πρόνοιες για την αγορά προϊόντων φιλικών προς το περιβάλλον.
28 June 2013
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